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Standard Ecommerce Solution
Price: $ 1550
Timeline: 4 weeks

Standard Ecommerce Solution is a wonderful way to get online for a medium-sized business. It is the best way to reach your target audience, get global recognition and acceptance.

Front-end Design:
1) Professional, attractive and appealing front-end design. Unlimited text and photos (up to 75 pages).
2) Customer-made graphics (icons, buttons, bullets, etc). User-friendly navigation and clear page layout.
3) Optimization of all the images to reduce the load-rate on a dial-up connection.

Back-end Functionality:
1) PHP4 programming with relational MySQL database, database driven HTML templates; operational system - Linux.
2) Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage your site on a regular basis. You will be able to edit/delete/add sections and subsections and any website content including text and images. It is very simple in use and doesn’t require any programming skills.
3) Shopping cart.
4) Add Multiple Products Function (a client can add a number of products to their shopping cart).
5) Credit Card Processing – automated and real-time credit card transactions. The Credit Card Facility is to be purchased by the Client.
6) SSL (secure socket layer) for secure order processing. The SSL certificate is to be purchased by the Client.
7) Members Area Programming. Members’ area which allows only certain users to login and gain access to secure/protected information.
8) Order Tracking System enables your customers to view details and status of their orders.
9) Inventory Tracking Feature will let you track the amount of stock you have on hand, notify you of low-stock and prevent your customers from ordering products that are out-of-stock.
10) Discount Manager Module provides a table of discounts.

Other Features:
1) Basic keywords optimization and submission to the major search engines.
2) 2 standard banners (468x60 and 120x60) for advertising.
3) FREE Maintenance (6 months).
4) FREE Web Hosting (6 months).
5) FREE unlimited e-mail consultation.
6) Free domain name registration.

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